Cody Allen Named 2024 Catalyst Fellow

CSG South Senior Policy Analyst Cody Allen was named to the 2024 Cohort of EDSafe AI Alliance of Catalyst Fellows.

The AI Catalyst Fellowship is a year-long program that supports exceptional and impact-minded individuals by providing an outstanding platform to learn and work on questions of AI in education. Fellows have the opportunity to work with world-renowned experts in AI safety, ethics, and policy. They also participate in a rigorous seminar series, where they learn about the latest advances in AI research and discuss the potential impacts of AI on society.
Designed for leaders in the education sector from industry and the field, this interdisciplinary fellowship brings together leaders on the supply and demand side to reimagine education as a learning system enabled by AI.
About EDSAFE: 
Founded in 2020, the EDSAFE AI Alliance is a global initiative led by InnovateEDU and powered by a coalition of organizations representing stakeholders across the education sector to provide global leadership for developing a safer, more secure, more equitable, and more trusted AI education ecosystem through a focus on research, policy, and practice.