CSG South Senior Policy Analyst Cody Allen Spoke to Lawmakers on AI Regulations

On Monday, October 16, CSG South Senior Policy Analyst Cody Allen testified before a Senate Business and Commerce Interim Study hearing on the potential and pitfalls of artificial intelligence for states. Chaired by Senators Bill Coleman and Dave Rader, his presentation examined successful regulatory policies enacted in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and West Virginia. He also reported on a few interesting state appropriations to fund AI-related projects in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina that address government operations, economic development, and school safety monitoring. Outside the South, Allen highlighted innovative uses and regulatory actions regarding AI in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Utah, and Vermont. In closing, his testimony examined the consensus reported by state chief information officers and legislators that states need to use “both hands” and take steps to enact responsible guardrails while also continuing to study this rapidly developing technology.

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