Economic Development, Transportation, & Cultural Affairs & Education Committees

Becky Massey

2023-2024 ChairSenatorTennessee

Gary Howell

2023-2024 Vice ChairDelegateWest Virginia

Greg Hembree

2022-2023 ChairSenatorSouth Carolina

Rhonda Baker

2023-2024 ChairRepresentativeOklahoma

Eric Harrison

Committee LiaisonPolicy AnalystCSG South

Cody Allen

Committee LiaisonSenior Policy AnalystCSG South

Our efforts around Workforce are a combined effort of CSG South’s Economic Development, Transportation, & Cultural Affairs Committee and CSG South’s Education Committee. CSG South’s Economic Development, Transportation & Cultural Affairs Committee examines issues related to infrastructure, transportation, economic progress, and cultural strengths in the Southern region as well as bringing manufacturing operations of national and foreign companies to the region and the importance of ports, roads, and railways for the movement of manufactured goods. CSG South’s Education Committee focuses on educational systems at all levels and examines how Southern states are ensuring their students are properly prepared for college entry and ready to compete in the increasingly global economy. Equally, the committee considers the importance of developing greater technical skills in state workforces, preparation and retainment of effective teachers, the incorporation of new technologies and methodologies in the educational field, and the impact of federal initiatives on state and local educational systems.