The Legislative Service Agency (LSA) Directors Group encompasses the executives who provide all administrative, staffing, and research services for the legislative bodies in the 15 Southern states.

The group coordinates and hosts the staff programming and events at the annual Southern Legislative Conference. Topics under the group’s purview include bill drafting, committee staffing, membership services, information technology, staff management and training, and professional ethics. In addition, the LSA Directors have presented the Carter/Hellard Staff Excellence Award to a legislative staff member in the South who has demonstrated distinguished service to their state’s legislature.

At the heart of the work of the LSA Directors Group, CSG’s Government Staff Track provides relevant training and professional development opportunities for each and every executive, legislative, and judicial government staff – all in one place: the Southern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting. 


Program Chair

Jay Hartz
2022-23 LSA Directors Group Chair
Director, Legislative Research Committee

Program Liaison

Angel Touwsma
Director of Marketing & Programs