When Staffers Lead, States Perform

At the 2022 Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) in Oklahoma City, the Executive Committee approved the first staff-only standing committee of CSG South.  

Led by staffers for staffers, the focus of this new committee is to drive innovative deliverables to make offices more efficient, all while connecting staffers with counterparts from around the Southern region.

“SAIL provides an opportunity for the emerging core of leaders across all branches of state government in the South to level up their skills, positively impact communities across our region, and customize the path for the next generation of professionals.

Elise York, SAIL Chair, Kentucky

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Click here to see the committee organizational chart DOWNLOAD THE 2023-24 SAIL DIRECTORY

Committee Chair

Elise York

2023-2024 Chair

Manager of Constituent Services Office, Legislative Research Committee


Committee Liaison

Jazlyn Jones
Programs Associate

What is SAIL?

SAIL – the Staff Alliance for Intergovernmental Leadership – is a new standing committee of CSG South that was approved by the SLC Executive Committee in July 2022. This is an exciting and unique new opportunity for legislative, executive, and judicial branch employees to cohesively drive informational content catered to educating staff on topics of importance in their own careers while providing opportunities to network with their counterparts across the South.

What Does the Committee Do?

Like the other six CSG South standing policy committees, SAIL will meet in-person annually at the Southern Legislative Conference. All members are welcome!

In addition to the annual meeting, SAIL holds virtual meetings for voting members to discuss the work and asks that have been reported back from the Task Forces. Moderated by a CSG South team member, Task Forces also meet virtually at their leisure to discuss requests for projects, deliverables, leadership development opportunities, and to share and network with their counterparts from across the region!

Who Can Join?

Voting members of SAIL are nominated by the appointing authority in their state, which is typically a legislative services director, a department head, or Executive Chief of Staff, deputy, or deputy director. These appointing authorities will nominate an upper-management staffer from their branch to represent their state on the Committee. One member per branch, per each state.

I’m Not a High-Level Staffer – Can I Join?


In addition to the voting body, SAIL has numerous Task Forces. Simply let us know if you’d like to join a Task Force by clicking here, and get started on networking and meeting your colleagues from around the South!

Where Can I Learn More?

For specific inquiries, please call (404) 633-4367 or email Angel Touwsma.

“This isn’t an organization intended for those who want to come to a meeting and sit in the back of the room.  It’s a place for those who want to seize the future and help CSG South shape it for the better.”