Agriculture & Rural Development

Attracting New and Beginning Farmers

Senator Kent Leonhardt, West Virginia

Fred Harrison, Jr., Ph.D., State Executive Director, Farm Service Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Georgia

Advancing the Food Chain: Georgia’s Efforts to Connect Producers and Consumers

Gary Black, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Agriculture

Use and Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Senator Bret Allain, Louisiana

Mark Dombroff, Partner, Dentons, Virginia

Ben Worley, Chief Executive Officer, AgriSource Data, former Chief Operating Officer, VSG-Unmanned, Georgia

Economic Development, Transportation, Cultural Affairs

Promoting Economic Growth Through Logistics and Supply Chain Efforts

Page Siplon, Chief Executive Officer, TeamOne Logistics, Georgia

Georgia’s Efforts to Promote the Motion Picture Industry

Lee Thomas, Deputy Commissioner, Film, Music & Digital Entertainment, Department of Economic Development, Georgia

Public Private Partnerships: Lessons From Florida

Leon Corbett, Department of Transportation, Florida

Transportation Reforms in the SLC States

Representative Bubber Epps, Georgia

Delegate Chris Jones, Virginia

Representative Larry Phillips, Texas


Career And Technical Education

Gretchen Corbin, Commissioner, Technical College System of Georgia

Implications of Adolescent Brain Development on Education Policy

Sheryl Feinstein, Ph.D., Department of Education, University of Nebraska

Laurie Cutting, Ph.D., Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Special Education, Psychology, Radiology, and Pediatrics; Principal Investigator, Education and Brain Sciences Research Lab, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Youth Development and Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Gaines, Vice President, Policy Solutions, The Forum for Youth Investment, Washington, D.C.

Thomas Gold, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Evaluation, Network for Teaching and Entrepreneurship, New York

Energy & Environment

Net Metering

Representative Bill Sandifer, South Carolina

Dukes Scott, Executive Director, Office of Regulatory Staff, South Carolina

Nuclear Generation in SLC States

Michael McGarey, Senior Director, State and Local Affairs, Nuclear Energy Institute

Todd Yelverton, Commercial Director of Nuclear Development at Georgia power, Southern Company

Drought, Water Conservation Initiatives

Representative Lyle Larson, Texas

Senator Eddie Fields, Oklahoma

Fiscal Affairs & Government Operations

Pathways to Prosperity: SLC State Efforts to Promote a 21st Century Workforce

John “Jay” Neely III, Vice President, Law and Public Affairs, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Georgia

Jackie Rohosky, Assistant Commissioner, Quick Start, Georgia

J. Edward (Ted) Townsend III, Chief of Staff, Department of Economic and Community Development, Tennessee

Public Pensions Environment: Trends from the States

Senator Dan Biss, Illinois

Paula Sanford, Ph.D., Carl Vinson Institute, University of Georgia

How and Why Do the Rating Agencies Arrive at Different Conclusions?

Alan Schankel, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, Pennsylvania

Human Services & Public Safety

Juvenile Justice Reform in the SLC States

Ruth Rosenthal, Senior Associate, The PEW Charitable Trusts, Washington, DC

Honorable Steven C. Teske, Clayton County Juvenile Court, Georgia

Medicaid Service Delivery: Home Health Model

Daniel Landon, Senior Vice President of Governmental Relations, Missouri Hospital Association

Michael S. Varadian, former Senior and National Director of Health Reform, Providence Service Corporation, Massachusetts

Tom Wroth, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Community Care of North Carolina

Comparative Data Reports

Transportation: John Snyder, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky

Medicaid: Shawn Hotstream, Legislative Fiscal Office, Louisiana

Education: Hank Hager, Legislative Counsel, Senate, West Virginia

Corrections: Matthew LaBruyere, Legislative Fiscal Office, Louisiana

Revenue: Andrea Barksdale, Bureau of Legislative Research, Arkansas

State Transformation In Action Recognition (STAR) Award Judges Panel

Alabama: Consolidation of Law Enforcement Agencies

Jon Archer and James Rigby, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Georgia: Armstrong State University Cyber Forensics Division

Wayne Willcox, Chief of Police, Armstrong State University 

Florida: School Nursing Beyond Boundaries

Debbie Price and Darla Spearing, Florida Department of Health

Georgia: Magistrate Courts Free Form Generator

Judge Robert Turner and Judge Allen Wigington, Georgia Council of Magistrate Court Judges

Oklahoma: Wildfire Collector App

Andy James, Oklahoma Forestry Services

Virginia: Vital Records at DMV

Linda Ford and Robin Sheldon, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles