Southern Pulse Newsletter, January 2023


Hello 2023! After a much-needed holiday break celebrating with our loved ones, the CSG South team is refreshed and ready to kick off an event-packed year. We hope you and yours enjoyed the respite as much as we did!

January means a new year, but for many of our states, it also means the 2023 legislative session has begun. Like the morning toll signaling members to convene in their chambers, the green light has signaled our staffers to kick off State Visit season!

Over the next few months, we will be visiting YOUR State Capitol – January 18-19th (Virginia),January 24-25th (West Virginia), January 30th-Febuary 1st (Arkansas), Feb 6-8th (Missouri), Feb 14-15th (Kentucky), Feb 21st-23rd (Mississippi), Feb 28th-March 1st (Texas), March 7-8th (Oklahoma), March 14-15th (North Carolina), March 28-30th (South Carolina), April 4-5th (Florida), April 10-12th (Tennessee), April 18-20th (Louisiana), and April 25-26th (Alabama).  We will also be visiting Georgia throughout the session as it is right down the road from CSG South.  Our staff will be reaching out to your offices via phone and email to schedule meetings to discuss your legislative priorities this year and offer our assistance as a nonpartisan extension of your office. We will also tell you about all the exciting programs and leadership development opportunities planned this year.  We know you’re busy – so if your schedule is packed, just grab us in the halls or wave us down from the floor! We’ll leave you with all the information you need to get a hold of us via phone and email.

As always, keep your finger on the pulse by checking back on our website, newsletter, and social media for continual updates on State Visit dates, policy publications and requests, programs and so much more. We can’t wait to see you!

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